Gym Hairstyle 101: Headband Braid for Yogis and More!

Do you love to do yoga or pilates? If your answer was “yes”, then you should wear your hair in a headband braid at your next session. Essentially, the headband braid is not only a pretty way to do your hair, it is a hairstyle that will keep you in your zen while you facilitate positive energy into the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, as yoga and pilates are transformational outlets of exercise, your hair should remain in one place. Hence, the headband brain will keep your hair still and leave you feeling free as your hair will be lightly styled with its simple construction.

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Headband Braid Instructions

1. Grab ahold of a section of hair on your right or left side.
2. Begin to split  that section into 3 and create a braid to the other side of your head.
3. Secure the end of your braid with bobby pins.

3001BLK_Black_Back__20819.1367365571.1280.1280While you are practicing your yoga or pilates, be fully supported with Wear Me Out Clothing’s V Back Sports Bra. This original bra is designed to hold you in while allowing you to breathe! Not only is the V-neck in the front low cut, but the V in the back is as well! Perfect to wear to yoga or pilates, this bra will instantly become your favorite!

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